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where are you feeling the kicks?

Just wondering where you're feeling movements...

I was told my baby is transverse position. She's laying across my belly. Her butt is on my right and head on my left. Her feet dangle downward toward my cervix, so i feel her kick more "down there" and along where my pant line USED to be....occassionally i feel a pat/thud around my belly button, but im guessing thats a punch. I can def feel her hard butt on my right when she moves.
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I feel kicks around my belly button or above and punches usually down towards my cervix. But it changes... I alWays feel a hard "lump" on my left hand side by my hip bone. Not sure what that is...
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Lately, I've been feeling my baby's kicks just above my belly button now! I was told she is head down and I get lots of punches in my cervix and bladder. OUCH! I think she just grew outta no where, feels so much bigger now and movements are in places I've never felt before!
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I'm pretty sure my little one is head down now. All of her movement is either really high (above my naval) or really low. She likes to push out her little feet a lot and she gets really close to my ribs sometimes. I remember my son used to kick near my ribs a lot and it could get really painful! I get punched in the bladder too, so I feel like I'm constantly running to the bathroom. LOL!
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I can't figure out what position she's in - the kicks seem to change area randomly!!  left side, right side, lower central!  What I do know is that I have to pee about every 30 minutes sometimes!!  and 5 times in the night last night!!  
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always on the right. Both babies are laying horizontally and I know they are moving around a lot. But when I feel the kicks, I always feel them on my right.
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I have no idea how baby is lying but up till last week all the kicks were very low, below my pants line but now I've been feeling lots of movement above my belly button and much stronger!!! :)
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