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3 non-shadowing stones

       I have had 2 episodes with kidney stones in the past 2 yrs., which caused signif pain.  I was not able to
retrieve the stones when passing them.  I just sent a 2 day urine collection to a lab for analysis and will f/up with
my urologist in 3 wks.  In the fall of '09, I began having symptoms of pain in the penis and problems with a feeling
of needing to urinate (not urgency resulting in accidents) and other discomfort.  This occurred right between the
2 episodes with the kidney stones. This was diagnosed as prostatitis and antibiotics were prescribed.  Then, a
cystoscopy was done that showed inflammation in the urethra, which the urologist thought might be causing the
problem.  Obviously, I have had multi dfficulties.  I do not know if this condition which began in '09 has any
causal or other relationship to the 2 episdoes with the stones, so this may be a complicated interrelated problem
or just 2 separate issues.  I would like some clarification on this, and in the meantime, I am having the urine
analysis, which will hopefully yield some answers and perhaps a strategy for treatment and/or life style changes,
mainly diet or fluid intake.  A recent ultrasound of the abdomen has a finding of "three non-shadowing stones seen
within the rt. kidney. Two within the upper pole measuring 2 mm each and one within the lower pole measuring 4 mm". "Impression: 1) 3 non-obstructing small rt. renal calculi. 2) No evidence for hydronephrosis".  

Plse. respond with any thoughts or insights into this scenario.  Needless to say, there has been alot of discomfort
and life interrupting difficulty associated with these problems.  Thks for your attention.  I should mention that the
1st kidney stone in early '09 resulted in surgery, as I did not pass it on my own.  
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