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2 large stones

I have been diagnosed with two large stones (not sure on size, but over 1 cm each) in my right kidney.  They were discovered after I had my third kidney infection in 5 months.  I am going back to the doc on the 19th.
My question is how could such large stones have developed in only one side with no symptoms in the other?  I admit I don't drink enough water, but wouldn't that result in at least some small stones in the other kidney as well?

My concern is that I have, for the last say eight years, noticed that the right side of my body just *feels* different than the left side.  Like it's not working as well as the left somehow.  I am right handed, and my coordination is fine.  But it somehow feels like my right side *internally* just isn't running right, circulation or nerve wise or *something*.  I've consistently gained weight unevenly, retain water unevenly, had a chubbier sort of less 'open' shaped face on my right side as compared with my left etc.  In the last three years, however, I've noticed even more differences.  I often get RLS type twitches in my right leg (nightly or better).  It almost *always* feels heavy, and more often than not has a kind of achy numbness (particularly increased when my kidney infection was going on)... almost like super water retention on that side only, or like a leg feels as it's just starting to wake up from falling asleep.  Also, my right arm falls asleep extremely easily, with the pinky often being numb.

I am 35/f, have absolutely no history of kidney or bladder infections in the past.  I do have a mild scoliosis (just in case that matters).  In addition my blood pressure can run quite low, then be fine.  I am also being treated for anemia.

I guess I am asking this in the kidney forum because the presence of these large stones on that side as well has kind of crystalized (pardon the pun) for me the sense that something *in general* has been wrong with this side of my body as a whole in the way it functions.  I'd like to know what kinds of things would create stones on one side only that might illuminate a larger issue maybe not located in the kidney.

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