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22 year old, male, gout: underlying kidney disease?

Hi guys,

Firstly I'd like to thank a lot of you helping me out these past few months. It's been pretty horrible but day by day I'm getting past whatever's bugging me.

Speaking of which, I would like to ask for your advice. Earlier this year (in June) I noticed that my toe had swollen up and was extremely painful so I went to the Dr, who did a blood test and it was found that I had a higher than usual amount of Uric Acid in my blood. He prescribed me Mobic and in 2 days my gouty toe was gone. I have not had a related test since and the gouty toe has not come back.

However, I would like to ask you if I should get more tests done to make sure this is not something to do with an underlying kidney disease. I have been drinking a lot of water this year, and have also tried to cut down on the alcohol (success: have had 2 drinking nights this past 3 months). I've searched around the internet and it is so rare to find someone as young as I to have gout this early. I've also noticed pain in some muscles and I've also been getting really bad chest pains and finding it hard to breathe (but have been cleared by CT scan of lungs, chest x ray, barium meal + swallow, heart ultrasound, 24 hr holter monitor and stress test). Can it be the gout or my kidneys that's affecting my chest pain and finding it hard to breathe?

This is really not anxiety, as I could be just driving my car, or helping my dad garden and doing random/ordinary stuff like that when I suddenly get these chest pains (which may or may not be associated with palpitations or finding it hard to breathe). My life is pretty stress free.

Any advice on what tests I should take to ease my mind? Can it be my kidneys?

Thank you so much guys, David.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Increased uric acid in the blood can cause stones in the kidney. But this can be picked up by ultrasound or CT scan. Also, a kidney function tests can help in further evaluation. The chest pain if with movement you are getting pain it is likely to be an inflammation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue or the bone. This can happen with injury, repetitive activity or an infection of the skin. Sometimes it can be costo-chondritis, inflammation of the sterna rib junction. The other causes to consider would be cervical spondylosis (neck problem) or disorders of the nerves, muscle or shoulder joint. Discuss these options with your consulting doctor.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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