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2nd surgery for kidney reflux

My daughter had corrective surgery for kidney reflux in 2002 at the age of 5. She is now 11 and has been infection free since surgery until a month ago. She was able to get rid of the bacteria with antibiotics, but still has blood in her urine and crystals are also present. Because of her history, and scarring to her kidney, she is being sent to a kidney specialist. My question is: is it possible for surgery to be required again? Is it possible for the "correction" to reverse or be outgrown? Her pediatrician is concerned with her being high risk for kidney stones with the crystals present and also concerned with what is causing the blood.
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You know,my daughter has just been through the same exact thing.She started to have kidney infections at the age of about 4 then they sent me to a specialist and she had reflux number 5 and they could only find one kidney and they gave her the surgery and she has been infection free so far but she has crystals in her urine also but no blood yet and she is 11 years old now.Your daughter doesnt have hearing problems does she?  chris
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I was born with reflux but never got the surgery so I ended up on kidney dialysis when I was 16. I met another lady in the kidney hospital who did have the reflux surgery and she didn't lose her kidneys until she was almost 30. It is good that you guys are looking into this now. There are so many medical advancements but sadly sometimes we need to ask more questions and push for things more (push for answers or more tests that are needed but hopefully non-invasive).

I never had crystals in my urine however and every situation is different but I encourage you to keep seeking more information! I wish back in the 70's and 80's the internet was available ...
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