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Advice for a chronic kidney stone patient?

I am 39 yr old male who has suffered from stones since age 18. Family history of stones. I have 1 family physician, 1 urologist, and 1 kidney stone specialist at UAB. I stopped counting # of stones a long time ago. I have had 3 lithos and 1 other procedure but I forget the name. I and an older brother are taking Urocit-K. In January a CT scan showed 12 stones. An ER trip in late April showed 1 stone. Another ER trip in May indicated blood in urine and CT scan showed 3 stones, no stone was evident outside the kidney. I overheard ER nurse tell the physician she did not think I was in severe pain and I was given a Tylenol-3 and sent home. (In their defense, someone had just faked a stone earlier in the night, as soon as the IV drugs were in he walked out of the ER) But I was still in pain with no relief. The next day I pass multiple flakes/clots of blood and a stone. (Still have the stone), I have been having minor pain for 3-4 days.

I am dreading the time that I need to go back to this ER...it was a bad feeling to walk out of there still in pain and feeling like a drug seeker. When the time comes, how do I express my concerns without offending them or adding to suspicions?

I have tried NSaids, (Meloxicam) at home. At best I have mixed results. Minor pains...ok but anything serious and they do not begin to provide relief.
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I am no expert, but I do experience kidney problems and specially pain. Form what I read  and heard from doctors, since you do have the stone you should sent it to analyze it in lab, so that you know what's causing the stones. If you know you know the cause you'll be able to have diet which will prevent stones forming again.
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My stones are calcium-oxolate stones. I have had many analyzed and also several 24 hr urine tests. The latest suspicion is that my citrate levels are the cause and I have been placed of Urocit-k (potassium citrate).

I have come to grips with the idea that this condition will plague me for the rest of my life, hopefully the total numbers can be reduced. I can deal with that. But what bothers me most is being made to feel like a drug seeker. I realize ER doctors are in a tough situation when patients come in needing pain meds. But now, in addition to pain, I will be paranoid the next time I need to go to my ER for relief. I have been to the ER numerous times, once for migraines (I asked for and recieved a non-narcotic medicine and followed up with my physician to get a prescription for this same drug...It works for me) All other visits have been to same ER for stones. I have gotten a CT each time and I always have had stones visible and always a different #.

I have become accustomed to the mild to mildly severe pains and can control the squirming etc. I do not go in putting on a show. But to overhear this nurse diminish my pain and then be given something that does not touch my pain is concerning. I never ask for a prescription, these drugs do scare me...but when I need them I need them.

i do not know...it is just frustrating to deal with the pain and with the suspicions.

thanks for taking the time to reply.
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