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Aft Kidney transplant / gout with low uric acid

My husband has a new kidney (mine). Since surgery last Nov things have gone ok except blood count keeps dropping. He's back on EPO to build the blood back up (currently at 9.2). He can deal with tiredness but the gout he had before surgery is back for the past couple months. Life has come to a stop for him. First OSU transplant center hospital said it can't be gout because "you're uric acid is below normal". All the symptoms are the same. The local family Dr. took one look at the swollen feet and knee and said "You do have gout". He then drew the fluid off the knee to test it. It came back as gout. The transplant center is totally at a loss of what to do. Surely this isn't a new problem. Meds for gout help but don't fix it. They cause stomach problems. He's also on cherry juice several times a day. Recently the throbbing was so bad he drank apple cider vinegar. That helped the throbbing ease so he could at least fall asleep.
Everything on the internet only deals with high uric acid and diet suggestions for that. I can't find anywhere gout with low uric acid. He is already on the low purine diet, no red meat, no alcohol, no citrus. We have now decided to delete all meat from the diet (except salmon) and possibly go totally raw diet.
Anyone with a similar problem?
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