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Always Dehydrated/ Always Drink Water

Hello everyone, I am a 25 year old male who is 5'8 and weigh 230lbs (36%BMI) I have been having trouble where I feel I become very dehydrated very easily and I am drinking lots of water a day (roughly 6-8 quarts).... I notice that when I wake up in the morning or if I go a couple hours without drinking water that my urine is very dark (Apple Cider/Tea colored), Somewhat burns when I output, dry mouth, thirsty, brainfog, facial and body flushing, skin feels hot to touch, out of it, muscles feel very tense and achey..... I have had 3 recent ER visits in the last 4 months for questionable heart arrythmia and panic attacks, which each time was experiencing Sinus Tachycardia, but also each time I was notably dehydrated since each visit they would give me sodium chloride on IV and oral Pedialite which helped with the tachycardia and anxiety.... The most recent visit they did blood work and said that my white blood cell count was elevated and bilirubin levels were also elevated, thyroids were normal as were kidneys. Liver levels were a little high. All of my Metabolic Panels were apparently normal ranges.... the times before that I had one 24 hour UA that showed High Kidney Creatinine levels and also elevated liver ALT on that one... Just had my adrenal glands tested on a serum blood test and UA and I guess that was normal as well... Does anyone know what can be causing this sever dehydration despite how much water im drinking? Diabetes Insipidus?? Kidney Failure?? Liver Problems??

I am Diagnosed with:
Panic Disorder
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
TBI ( Car Accident)
Elevated Blood Pressure
Whiplash Syndrome
Cervicogenic Migraine and Dizziness

Please any advice would be appreciated.....
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s your environment hot and dry?  My initial impression is that you're perspiring excessively.   You've notable anxiety so:  Are you respiring heavily a lot?  We can lose a lot of moisture through heavy breathing when it's excessive.  btw, I find slow, even breathing greatly helps keep my own anxiety under control.

Else, I think your first step is to find the cause of your fluid consumption.  Have you been diagnosed for diabetes and are you medicated for it?  Untreated diabetes leads to the classic excessive liquid consumption as a symptom.

CAUTION:  Too much water drinking can be fatal (through flushing out the body's essential electrolytes, needed for heart function).   Two to four quarts is probably safe enough for anyone imo.  But eight quarts is sounding too high, without at least some regular electrolyte replenishment.
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I live in Alaska so my environment is not hot, it may be a bit dry at times. My lifestyle is rather sedentary so I am not sweating much really. I am not diagnosed with Diabetes. As much water as I drink I will also try to consume a bottle of pedialite during the day as I like to make sure I keep my metabolics up...
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I urge you be tested for diabetes.
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This is happening tonight: feet super hot and red just by the big toes and came out of no where got as dark as crimson than I propped my feet with an ice pack and it subsided but now my calves feel tingly....
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Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) through and through
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Have you tried hydrogen water ? It may help improve all your symptoms especially dehydration.
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