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Are several cysts on the kidneys Polycystic Kidney disease?

My mother had PKD. I am in my 30's and had an ultrasound. It showed 3 cysts on each kidney. I think 1 or 2 were slightly big. I am seeing a nephrologist soon to discuss this. I don't have any symptoms of PKD except that I'm very tired always and urinate a lot. But I have other illnesses that cause tiredness. Also I had an ultrasound about 12 years ago and I think the results were the same or similar - 3 cysts on both kidneys, 1 was slightly big. Do you think this is PKD? I also have low blood pressure, too low lol.
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I would like to know what the nephrologist says about your low bp. Usually bp is high in PKD. I just saw a urologist because my MRI showed multiple kidney cysts and one liver cyst. I have pain and lowered kidney functions but I also have very low bp with episodic hypertension. The urologist said no worries, no follow up.
Please update us after your appointment!
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