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Back Pain

I am 33 year old after I gave birth to my son I get lower back pain it runs to the side of my back and sometimes I feel it in the front of my stomach. I am not losing weight, I have a good appetite. I have hypothyriod since I was 27 years old. I drink Advil and it goes away but sometimes it comes back. I am just scared it might be something serious. Do you recommend I go and get my liver and kidneys checked. I have already went to the doctor and they took blood work but they didnt find anything. It isn't all the time. It comes and goes. What should I worry about also my stool is light brown, sometime dark something light. But always brown. I have been under a lot of stress and I am a worry wart just wanted to make sure I was ok. Also I was told I have an umbilical hernia, not sure if that is why I feel stomach pain. What do you recommend I do should I get specific tests done???
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It sounds like you already got a full panel work up. Usually they will test the liver and do some basic kidney tests like ones for urinary tract infections and protein in the urine in the standard urinalysis (I assume you got your urine tested when you went for blood tests as they always do that here). To get a GFR you have to ask usually as it isn't considered a standard test. At least not here in Canada. A GFR specifically measures kidney function.

If you are worried about kidneys don't take advil or any other NSAID like ibuprofen or Aleve as they cause kidney damage over the long term. Tylenol is safest.

Your stool sounds normal. If it is black or red then there is an issue. Any variation of brown is normal.

I would go to the GP and express your concerns. Undiagnosed pain is always a bit nerve wracking but not at all unusual. If you haven't I would try massage. I go for Chinese Massage. It is a bit intense but really helps.

If you are feeling good I wouldn't worry too much, but you usually don't notice kidney damage until it is in the later stages. In the early stages it doesn't cause any problems.

The other thing it may be is if you have some small kidney stones you are passing. They are harmless but can cause back pain. An ultrasound of the kidney's rules that out as they can see the stones on there.

I would go back and ask these same questions to a doctor. Then you'll get an educated answer instead of a best guess. In the meantime I wouldn't worry.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

There could be many causes for the pain you are experiencing. If the pain starts at the back and goes down to the front of the abdomen, it could most probably be a renal colic. This happens when urine is trying to pass through an obstruction usually a stone. But this pain is very severe and colicky. Other causes for pain could be peptic ulcer disease and GERD. Please consult your primary care physician who will do blood tests, x- rays and may ask for an ultrasonogram to find out the cause for the pain.  

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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