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Back pressure and pain

For the last 3 weeks I have been feeling strange pressure in my back right below my rib cage on the right side.  It almost feels like something is growing inside of me...  I have some moderate pain when I poke and prod the area, though it is not a 10, more like a 5 at the worst times and 3 at the least. The pain and pressure worsens when I lie down and when I sit, the only time I feel comfy is when I stand (which is impossible to do 24 hrs a day)  I also have some weird itching on my lower extremities, upper arms and scalp that is driving me nuts!!! (I don't know if this can be related)  I thought possibly that I may have a kidney infection but I read that comes with extreme devastating pain.  The pressure and moderate pain radiates to the front of my abdomen at times usually when I lie or sit up.  I have a doctors appointment on Tues Feb 2nd,  should I tell the doc what I am feeling or should I just write this off as being a weird aliment?  I am confused and looking for some insight..  Does anyone know what this could be from.  I don't think this is muscular I don't know!!! Help me please
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Tell your doctor every symptom you are feeling. To know the proper diagnosis, a complete medical history and physical examination must be done. Several tests such as urinalysis and xray of the back may also be done to rule out kidney and musculoskeletal causes. If there was no history of back strain, other causes to be considered are structural problems, such as bulging or ruptured disks, or arthritis. You may take antihistamine or apply cold compresses and calamine lotion to relieve the itching.

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