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Black Specks in urine, stones and floating protein in urine

by annbg

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, 1 minute ago
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I too am preparing -  for a cystopscopy...third one in my life I am 40..... i have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, so I feel like I have a UTI all the time in flares... after three months of getting tested, I went to the urologist and they said I had a massive infection... so I am now on my third round of antibiotics.. I had a couple days clear of these black specks... I think they are blood, because when I rubbed them on the toilet tissue...it smeared red.

I have one known kidney stone that never bothers me... though I also get right sided sometimes sudden onset and sometimes constant pain. I always assumed that I has some smaller ones or oxylate ones that do not show up....

I am also passing blood which happens almost everytimes I test,.. that was the first cystoscopy...they said leaky kidney...Then years later I had stones and gall stones...

I am passing protein - -I am also diabetic. and just had a hysterectomy so I am sure the foley catheter  caused the infection...but the doc says the protein might be due to just the infection... this is the worst bout I have had since I  had a c-section for my daughter.... andit is driving me nuts... and pyridium is getting darned expensive to be on for 4 months.....it's also not working that well.  HEck even Oxycodone isn't covering it.

Thank GOSH I have pain killers for another issue or I would be in the ER.

Has anyone had this happen and what might it indicate?

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