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When one talks about 'Frothy Urine' is that white bubbles that appear in the bowl after you urinate?
I never really thought anything of it, but since I am having kidney issues [still to be further investigated] I pay close attention to my urine.

I noticed when I do urinate into the lavatory, direct into the water, the water does turn bubbly, however, I think when I urinate onto the side inside the bowl [noise reduction] it doesn't seem to froth.

When I urinate into a specimen bottle, I see tiny bubbles.

Is that what 'frothy urine' is?

One other thing that I notice in the specimen bottle is tiny particles, some look like stray dust hairs [I always wash the bottle out after use].  Is this normal?

What is the cause?

Is it serious?

Thank you.
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It can be caused by significant loss of protein in the urine (proteinuria), which changes the surface tension of the water in the urine – thus allowing bubbles to form (“foamy urine”). Although it can be a clue to the loss of a large amount of protein in the urine (nephrotic syndrome), it does not necessarily mean that significant kidney disease is present.Diabetes is a comnn cause for protein in the urine.
A quick check with a urine dipstick can help assess for significant protein loss in the urine. You have mentioned that you have kidney issues, so in light of that fact it might very well be this.However forceful stream of urine in normal individuals can also cause this bubbling.
Your pending investigations could clear the issue.
ref: http://kidneydiseases.about.com/od/proteininurin1/f/foamyurine.htm
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