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CT results

I am looking for an idea of whether I need be concerned or need further evaluation of my recent Ct Scan results. I have Hypoparathyroidism with unstable calcium levels and last year had numerous hospitalizations for hypercalciemia and flank pain. CT scannning was done to rule out kidney stones and incidently for an emergency appendectomy. Other relevant medical history is Endometriosis, Anemia, elevated creatinine and gynecological spotting.

1st CT REPORT 1 year ago:

Unenhanced axial study

Hypoattenuating focus is seen midpole right kidney measuring 1 cm.
Subcentimeter lymph nodes are seen in retroperitoneum,
Uterus quite bulky in appearance.
A small quantity of fluid is seen in the pouch of Douglas.

2nd CT REPORT with contrast dye:

Liver contains a circumscribed hypoattenuating focus in lateral segment approx. 7 mm.
Circumscribed hypodense lesion is seen midpole of right kidney 1 cm.
Calcified nodes are present in right side of pelvis.
The uterus is quite bulky  and somewhat heterogeneous in texture, containing at least one hypodense lesion.
Numerous tortous tubular enhancing strutures are seen on both sides of uterus.
Moderate amount of free fluid is identified in Pouch of Douglas.

3rd Most recent CT REPORT with contrast and 3D sequencing:
Small hypoattenuating structure within segment 3 of liver is stable.
Hyperattenuating structure of the midpole of kidney is stable.
Mild distention of endometrial canal with hypodensities also seen within both adnexal regions.

Interval stability with hypoattenuating structure again within the liver and is too small to accurately chracterize.

Does anyone know what any of this means and should I investigate any of it further?
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