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Can Phosphaturia cause Kidney Stones?


I have recently begun noticing symptoms of Phosphaturia. I began noticing I had cloudy urine, and began to worry and read up on it. Then I realized, after reading many articals that the most common cause was Phosphaturia, increased phosphate crystals in the urine. Then I realized my urine was more cloudy after drinking milk, or eating lots of cheese.
My urine is cloudy sometimes, but not all the time. I just ate cheddar japapino poppers and mozzarella sticks tonight, as well as clam chowder earlier. So I had a REALLY cloudy urine tonight. I did the vinegar test, and the cloudiness completely disappeared!

Now I read that Phosphaturia was a benign, harmless condition. But i do have 1 question. Does anyone know if this can lead to increased chance of Kidney Stones? I dont have any kidney stone issues, but I just wanted to see if anyone knows if Phosphaturia can lead to any kidney issues. Thanks!
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Have you also posted in the urology forum?

Phosphaturia may be due to increased levels of phosphate in the blood due to high intake of phosphate rich food.An increase in calcium levels may also cause phophaturia this time due to regulation of your parathyroid homones.As serum calcium levels increase, the kidneys increase excretion of phosphates leading to decreased phosphate levels in the blood but increased urinary phosphates.

Increasing intake of calcium rich food may increase serum calcium levels leading to phosphaturia.This increase in serum calcium levels may increase the risk for kidney stone formation.So yes, phosphaturia secondary to an increase in serum calcium levels or an underlying parathyroid disorder may lead to development of kidney stones.
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