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Can abdominal abscesses cause Peritonitis?

In 2005 I ended up with Peritonitis but was told it was caused by something "naturally occurring on the inside of the body" which means all they knew is it was not my fault.

Now this year (2008) the same hospital (in my city) couldn't figure out why I was in so much abdominal pain and after 3 weeks misdiagnosed me and sent me home still running spiking fevers and in sever pain. They sent me home on Morphine pills.

Now I have been through medical circumstances since I was 9 years old so I learned not just to accept a diagnosis and sit at home and take addictive pills. Instead I called an out of town hospital (my transplant hospital - just received a kidney transplant in the end of 2007) and was admitted and after 3 days was diagnosed with pelvic / abdominal abscesses (3 of them). I went into surgery right away and they were able to drain 2 of them as the 3rd one was too close to the new kidney. The drain fell out too early so I had to be on home IV antibiotics for 25 additional days after being released the week after. While I was in the transplant hospital I was told they suspect that was the real cause of my Peritonitis that caused all the scar tissue they saw during the surgery.

I didn't go to the transplant hospital back in 2005 because I didn't have a transplant (of course). My own city's hospital does do dialysis but not transplants.
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