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Chronic UTI's? or Something else.

Hi. I have been treated repeatedly for UTI's in the last year with antibiotics (Sulfamethoxazole,
Ciproflaxin, and Cefuroxime within 5 months of each other)  but with no result. Each time the protein and blood in urine returned after less than a week.

I do not have UTI symptoms such as pain / burning / trouble urinating. My only symptom is blood / protein in urine and swelling in my legs ankles, arms, face, and the left side of my stomach. The swelling started three years ago along with the protein, but the blood in urine only within the last year.

I have been to a urologist and had a CT scan of my kidneys which is normal. No kidney stones.

I have been ill for about 10 years with chronic fatigue and pain. I also have chronic infections. My bloodwork is negative for any autoimmune diseases like lupus, so I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

I have done more than one urinalysis and these are the results...

July 2013 - Before a course of antibiotics

Test              Low Normal    High         Reference Range   Units
Microalbumin, urine       229.4            0.0-17.0                  ug/mL

Test                                                    Reference Range
specific gravity  >=1.030                        1.005-1.030
ph             6.0                 5.0-7.5             
urine-color      Yellow                  Yellow
appearance           Cloudy                         Clear
wbc esterase         Trace                         Negative
protein       2+                          Negative/Trace
glucose    Negative           Negative
ketones             Trace                           Negative
occult blood       3+                          Negative
bilirubin Negative                  Negative
urobilinogen,semi-qn  0.2                  0.0-1.9
nitrite, urine       Negative                  Negative

microscopic examination See below:

wbc   0-5                          0 - 5
rbc        >30                                   0 - 3
epithelial cells (non renal) 0-10      0 - 10
casts Present                             None seen
cast type Hyaline casts                   N/A
mucus threads Present               Not Estab.
bacteria Few                      None seen/Few

urine culture, routine

urine culture, routine Final report
result 1 Beta hemolytic Streptococcus, group B

December 2013 - during course of antibiotics

Urinalysis, routine

Test                                                           Reference Range
bacteria Few                            None seen/Few
mucus threads Present                    Not Estab.
epithelial cells (non renal)   >10                     0 - 10
rbc 4-10                                     0 - 3
wbc 11-30                             0 - 5

Microscopic examination                  See below:
nitrite, urine Negative                   Negative
urobilinogen,semi-qn 0.2                    0.0-1.9
bilirubin Negative                    Negative
glucose Negative                    Negative
protein 1+                            Negative/Trace
wbc esterase 2+                            Negative
ph                 6.0                     5.0-7.5
specific gravity >=1.030                     1.005-1.030
cast type Hyaline casts             N/A
casts Present                             None seen
occult blood Trace                             Negative
ketones Negative                     Negative
appearance Cloudy                             Clear
urine-color Yellow                     Yellow

I would appreciate any suggestions or information. Thank you.
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What other symptoms are present? Aside from the urine culture, was there a culture and sensitivity test done? Chronic UTI may be associated with antibiotic resistance as well as underlying medical conditions like gynecological issues. You may also benefit from a referral to a gynecologist. Take care and do keep us posted.
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