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Could a potential infection caught from a lake be affecting my kidneys?

I worked in America last year for 6 months as a life guard and fitness insturctor; most of my days were spent down by the lake - doing water sports; lake swims; inflatables etc...
I got sent to hospital and got told i had a kidney infection ( i didnt pass water for nearly 5 days )
Since being home i have had more than several tests and scans done an they cant find anything - i can still go 2-3 days without emptying my bladder properly; resulting in me bloating up.
The doctors kept sending me to different specialists and ive been told they are at the 'end of their knowledge' and have sent me for physio for my back?

i still feel there is an underlying issue here; maybe i have caught something from the lake whilst in America which is causing this discomfort?
i now also cant drink a drop of alcohol without being sick for 2-3 days! i used to be able to drink as many drinks as i wanted and wouldnt vomit but now i only need one sip of an alco-pop and ill be ill for days!! Could this all be linked in?
any information would be appriciated!!
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