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Could it be Stones?

Ok so here goes. I had my GB out in May 2007. In August 07 I went to ER with severe URQ and LRQ pain and a fever. I was sent home with no diagnosis. In February 08 I had the same pain but with a fever, blood in urine and vomiting, CT-Scan showed some stones in my right kidney. Well I still have the pain off and on but when I went to the ER in March 08 they said that the stones we not severe enough to need treatment. Can kidney stones cause throwing up.
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Hi, im sorry to hear about your troubles. I dont have kidney stones, but I had gallstones, and I cerntainly threw up. Sometimes when the body is in a lot pain, your stomache gets upset. Sorta like the reason you arent allow to eat while you are in labor, because your body is in pain, and it can make you throw up. I have never heard of it giving you a fever though. Hope I helped, let us know how things are going with you!

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Thank you so much I hope they can find out something some.
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