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Could it be a kidney stone?

My mother (age 64) has had high blood pressure for a while now, and has swollen ankles after being on her feet for a while ( several hours ). Today I found her sitting with her lower back on a heating pad, saying it helped relieve the pain there. She also says that her urine is dark, like coffee, but no sediment noticed. After several hours and lots of water (she normally drinks coffee all day long along with water). As far as I know she is taking no meds for High BP, or water retention, etc... she is taking Sulfa due to an upper respiratory infection x 10 days, today being the last day. She also states that this has happened once before, but cleared up on its own. I was thinking that this could be a UTI or kidney stones but as we live in a small village in Alaska and it is a monumental monetary undertaking (plane ticket or ferry ticket just to get to a larger town with a doctor, not to mention transportation and THEN the doctor visit... she is on a fixed income), we need to be VERY sure its not something that can be rectified at home before we commit to the expenditure. Any advice, recommendations, suggestions would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you.
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You need to ensure that your mother receives medical attention ASAP. Swelling in feet and legs, puffiness under the eyes, coffee-colored urine, pain in the lower back, and high blood pressure are all signs of impaired kidney function.

Once the kidneys are affected to this extent, it is possible that blood pressure control by the kidneys is compromised. Fluctuations in blood pressure can cause serious and debilitating conditions, such as stroke.

You will need to ensure that she keeps drinking plenty of water, avoids drinking any more coffee, takes bed rest, and keeps her legs elevated until you are able to contact your doctor.

Kidney stones or UTI would cause bright or red-colored urine. Other possibilities related to coffee-colored urine include cancer of the kidney or ureters.

Do keep us posted on any doubts and her progress.
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