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Dad with kidney stones...please help?

my dad woke up in the middle of the night and went to urinatate...next thing he remembers....he came through on his knees and there was blood in his urine. He doesn't recall ANY pain. The doctor thinks he passed a kidney stone and blacked out from the pain? Does this even seem possible to any of you guys? Have any of you ever heard of anything like this happening?
Thank you!
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To pass out bacause of extreme pain one has to have felt it to that extreme.However is your dad okay now?Pain caused by stones in the kidney is usually intense,intermittent and radiating in character.
If he did have a stone it is  a good thing he has passed it-if he has.
Keep an eye on him for above mentioned type of pain or any further complaints of passing blood in the urine.
If so, visit your doctor.if he has settled down then relax
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Thank you for your response. He is okay now; they let him out of the hospital. All of the test they ran came back normal. The doctor feels 99% sure it was a kidney stone and that he went into shock during the passage of it. When my mom found him he was sweating, whispering saying he was nauseous but couldn't communicate so she called 911. Crazy!
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