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Do kidney cysts cause cancer? What are they?

My doctor never followed up on that. After 30 years with that doctor never really caring about me, I fired him and found a new doctor. I told my new doc about the cyst that was found a decade ago, and he ordered an ultra sound. I was told I now have a cyst on the left kidney, so there are at least 2 cysts, one on each kidney. The only cancer that has been in my family, both sides, for decades was my dad's only sister, who started with kidney cancer which then spread to her lungs and she died of it after a long battle. Then just recently one of her sons was diagnosed with colon cancer and he passed away at 59 yrs old.  How does one test for kidney cancer? What are kidney cysts? What tests should I have done and how often? thank u for any assistance!  8-) (girl with glasses lol)
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