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Drink more water?

I've been having almost constant aching in my right flank with periods of intense pain radiating from the
upper abdominal area all the way to the groin area. I had a CT which showed a possible stone lodged in
the right ureter. A cystoscopy was preformed and while the actual stone seemed to have passed, the ureter
was swollen and irritated so a stent was place for a week. When I went in for the stent removal my urologist
stated that I had many stones and that it was most likely a metabolic issue causing them. He ran a 24 hour
urine test which came back negative for any problems. A receptionist from his office called me last week to inform
me that my test was negative and that my doctor merely wanted me to drink more water. I was shocked. I already drink
4 or 5 20oz. bottles of water a day. Any more water and I'm gonna float away! Why wouldn't a doctor who diagnosed you with an abnormal amount stones not continue to try to find the cause. I feel like he is totally blowing me off.
I am in almost constant discomfort in my right flank. I need answers. Do I try to get the urologist to take me seriously or move on to another doctor.

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Try adding lemon or lime juice to your water the acid will will hopefully with time start to dissolve the stones.
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O and make sure that you brush your teeth more often, the acid could possible eat away your enamel
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GET ANOTHER DOCTOR!!!!  I have been dealing with chronic kidney stones for 8 years.  I have passed over 200 stones and have over a dozen currently between both kidneys.  I have been to about a dozen different urologists with each telling my husband and I they don't know what to do to help me stop forming stones and then labeling me a "pain drug seeker" so they don't have to admit they can't figure it out.  I am now being seen by a urologist at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD.  The urologist has now brought in a nephrologist on staff to work with us. They have told us they will not stop searching until an answer is found and they can help me.  I was told Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic have the best physicians working with kidney stone disease.  Don't let them dismiss you!!  Dismiss them and move on to another doctor!!  GOOD LUCK!!!
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I checked with my husband and these are the 4 places across the US we were told are the TOP in kidney stone disease:  Johns Hopkins-East Coast; Mayo Clinic-Central; Mayo Clinic-Scotsdale, AZ and University of Southern California-West Coast.  Hope this helps you and you are able to get the answers you need and deserve.

As I said, I completely understand.  I have been in constant pain for 8 years and the pain is now so severed I have been unable to work for over 3 years.  I'm finally seeing hope in the distance but it took alot of perseverance and going thru many so-called doctors who should have their licenses revoked.  
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