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Dull pain in lower right side of back.

For almost a month now I have had a very light pain, that is a constant feeling.

It is on the outer edge of my side, further from the spine.Which I guess would be the kidney region. My urine is sometimes very dark, especially in the morning. It can slightly burn on rare occasion but nothing out of the normal.

My drinking diet is not the best in the world, orange soda and fruit juice with no water. I cant think of any other symptoms or any other changes since the pain has started. Nausea, but I have had frequent nausea my entire life.

Everything I have read about kidney pain has stated it comes in waves of sharp pain, which is about the exact opposite of what I have been feeling. I have a doctor's appointment scheduled, but I do not have insurance so I cant afford multiple test's and such. What should I be looking for to tell my doctor to help him find the problem as quickly as possible?
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I would suggest that you buy some Cranberry juice, or AZO tablets (at pharmacy area) for the burning sensation when you urinate.  It helps tremendously and would ease some pain until you get to a doctor.  I think a kidney infection would cause a dull pain.  I have had that before.  If it is between the bottom of your rib cage and above your hip bone (but in the back) it probably is a kidney infection. When I have had a kidney infection, I also had a bladder infection.  Good luck and hope you feel better soon!!
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I went to the dr, and my urine was 100% normal, and he said he is almost sure there is nothing wrong with my kidney.

But he does not have any idea what could be causing it. gallbladder was a thought, but usually pain from that is felt on the front, not the back.

Another thing he thought it might be is an infection in my muscle tissue. They took blood, so waiting on the results for that to come back.
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i am experiencing similar symptoms currently.

My pain sounds very similar to yours and has been ongoing for more than 1 week.

My general doc did a urinalysis that showed 100% normal urine with no blood, infection, or particulate present.

My general doc told me that it may be kidney stones tucked away inside me, but i would need an ultrasound to confirm.

I told him that I already have an appointment with the Urologist's next week, so I will find out then.

I'll try to remember to let you know the results of my visit.
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