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Duplex Kidney

When I was very young I had repeated severe kidney infections. It took doctors a little while to figure out the cause, I have a duplex kidney system on the right with double ureters. They told my mom I have one ureter inside the other which is apparently very rare. They didn't give my mom very much information, whether I had and reflux or any other concerns other than telling her I have a lot of scar tissue from the infections. I was on antibiotics for a long time, I don't remember how long because I was young.

I didn't have any problems for awhile, when I was around 15 I occasionally got some pain. I'm 95% sure I get kidney stones and it always seems to be on the right side. Or maybe it's something else with the exact symptoms of stones. I get that kind of pain about once a year.

On a daily basis though, I have discomfort now. I just turned 21. It's been gradual and I only started to really think about it recently. If I have to pee, the urge comes on suddenly and if I don't get to a bathroom ASAP, I'll be in pain and nearly pee my pants. It's often for a small amount of urine as well. I've had some tests over the years to check for infection but there never seems to be one.

Last week I had to hold my pee for a few minutes and it resulted in intense pain, it lasted for almost 10 minutes. Since then, I've noticed more discomfort/pain in the area of the right kidney/down towards my crotch. I went to the walk in clinic to discuss it but the doctor didn't have time to be thorough, they just sent me off for some tests-I don't even know what. I gathered from the illegible writing on the sheet that one is for creatinine.

Well..I don't know where to go from here. It's been about 5 days since I had the tests done (though it is a weekend) and haven't gotten a call about any abnormal results. What should I do know? What could the problem be? Anything I should avoid? Is there a way I could know if I have relux (symptoms?) I already avoid caffeine because I find this exacerbates my problems and make sure to drink plenty of water. Any information that isn't medical jargon (which is all google seems to show me) would be really appreciated, thank you.
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No input? boo.
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I have 3 kidney 2 of the right side and 1 of the left side, the 1 of the left side is with cyst.... and by my wife pregnancy, the Dr told her that the unborn baby is with 3 or 4 kidney and the left one is with cyst..... now my baby is born,, she is just 3 months old now, and the Dr said they are to carry out operation October 14,2009. ..I don' no what to do
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Hey Mogwai

I know what you mean i have a duplex kidney on my right side and doctors are taking ages to do something thorough about it, keep persisting and look at all your options online... I get a severe pain in my back on my right side, in my scan it said i had a tiny white spec (kidney stone) and i told them that i get sharp bent over pain when i go swimming, cold water or i'm anxious sometimes it occurs really odd, not all the time though, keep getting UTIs (the joys!)
I'm 25 and i only found out about this recently because of re-curring UTIs.
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Ouch, I can relate to what that feels like. I find a lot of the time it's worse when I've been standing for awhile.

I need to find a good doctor and once I do, I'll go in with my long list of questions. (oral allergy syndrome, excema and hives, chest pain, CFS/ME, list goes on, they will loath me, haha)

Best of luck to you, blondieblues
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I would say get a second opinion from another consultant and get them to provide you with information in black and white, ask why they are going to perform the operation? You're entitled by law to have another consultation if you are not happy with the first one. If the cyst is a simple cyst then normally it's fine, but your little one has possibly inherited your duplex kidneys and this could mean it could be polycystic kidney disease. Ask your consultant about it and don't be alarmed just make sure you know all of the details so you don't feel like your in the dark about it. I got this information online so don't be surprised if it's wrong, hope all goes well.
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I was diagnosed last year during my pregnancy that I had a duplex kidney and didn't really quite know what it meant and to be quite honest I still don't.
Mine is my left kidney that seems to be the problem whilst my right seems healthy. The left one aches daily and is tender and I get sharp stabbing pain in it when it kicks off. I had recurring UTI's through my pregnancy and a kidney infection which had me hospitalized. Now, my daughter is 8months and is healthy so I back at the Dr's now investigating what is happening, but so far they cannot explain what is going on. Also recently I get a very strong pain in my lower left abdomen. If anyone can inform me of the causes or options or any info really i would be very grateful.
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i have just recently found out i have duplex kidney on the right side, it has caused me grief my whole life with UTI's and kidney infections but the doctors never looked deep enough. now they have and i am waiting to go see a kidney specialist which is due to happen next week (finally) but.... one complication, i have just found out im pregnant, doctor cant tell me if its going to be a concern for me or the baby just said i have to wait to see the specialist................ going insane with lack of information right now!!
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my 2 years old littele girl has right duplex kidnry.will it be able to correct?
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i am 18 years old, and have been suffering with duplex kidney my entire life. i am currently looking for alternative options to correct mine, as recently it is extremely persistent and will not go away. i suggest that your little girl drink lots of water, 2litres a day is what you are meant to drink anyway, but it will maintain flushing out any reflux that may occur. if she gets the feeling of needing to go to the toilet but cant, that is usually the start of it for me, i recommend sitting down, relaxing and drinking lots of water, do this until your little girl is desperate for the toilet, that way you are sure it has all been flushed through and no reflux is present. i have now perfected this routine, and will sort out any pain i have in about an hour and a half! although, it is not going away... i was on low antibiotics for 3 months to get my kidney or bladder "out of the habit" of getting infections. i have now come off these and my problems have returned. i am now seeking more medical help, possibly involving surgery. i would love to know if anyone has any information about possible surgeries and a way to correct duplex kidney.
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My little girl had a duplex kidney on the left side, she had the upper part removed due to reflux when she was five. Now five years later after recurrent green vaginal discharge and intense pain, she now has to have a second operation of the ectopic ureter, i really hope my little girl does not have to suffer anymore after this. I just can not understand why she has had to have five years of pain before anyone has come up with a solution, one doctor even had social services come to my home to make sure my child wasnt being sexualy abused, a disgrace. Also another doctor was addiment it was thrush and told me the pain she was having had no link with the discharge.
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