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Extreme Thirst, Frequent/Urgent Urination, Water Bloating

I am a 27 year old female with no health problems, not on any medications.  For almost my entire life I have been excessively thirsty, drinking up to 2 gallons per day, yet my thirst never feels quenched. I never really thought too much of it.  A few months ago, I  began urinating so frequently,more than once per hour, with an urgent need to go.  I even have to get up 2-3 times during the night to go.  I am also bloating like crazy, all in my stomach.  By the end of the day sometimes I look pregnant.  People suggest that I try and drink less water, however depriving myself of water for even just 3 hours and dehydration symptoms begin (dry mouth, cracked lips, fatigue, headache).

I have been tested for Diabetes and Thyroid both negative.  My blood work shows high cholesterol (runs in my family) and high WBC.  I recently had a CT Urogram and have not yet received the results.

Other than the annoyance of these symptoms, I feel great!  I haven't been sick or even had a cold in over 5 years.  I just feel like something is wrong.
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