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GFR stage 3 what does this mean?

I have had so many tests done about my kidneys,  I have Polycystic Kidneys, Medullary Sponge Kidneys and chronic Kidney stones.  To say the least my kidneys are all messed up.  

I had a test done that says my GFR is at stage 3 and yet my doctor says don't worry about it.  He seems to think that everyones GFR is at a minimum stage 2.  

I have had 7 lithotrypsies done in the past year along with 3 laser lithos.  All of this since December 07 on.  My right kidney is approximately 6x bigger than it should be and the blockage could not be found on the last exam the doctor did.  I had to be put under sedation and he went in with the scope up through most of the kidney to find out why there was a blockage.  He couldn't find anything yet my kidney was so blocked when he did the exam he said that the fluid that came out when he remove the scope was 2000 ? ml.  anyways it was a lot, they filled so many catheter bags just to measure it.

So far the creatine, and bun have been just slightly higher than normal and the doctor isn't worried but I am.  What else should I ask for?  I follow the recommended diet for kidney stones but that causes other problems.  Is there anything I can do to reduce stones or is this something hereditary that I will have to live with for the rest of my life?  I only started getting stones (calcium oxylate) when  I was 24 and pregnant.  I am 48 now and they are getting worse.
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