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Help!! Kidney Stone 1.6cm

HI can someone please tell me if i can pass a 1.6 cm kidney stone?
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urology institute- a com site says:
"Q. If I get a kidney stone, what are my chances of passing it?

Dr. Green: The size, configuration, and location affect the spontaneous passage of stones.  However, stones less than 4 mm in diameter located in the lower ureter have a 90% change of passing.  In contrast, stones greater than 6 mm in diameter have only a 20% chance of passing spontaneously."

So, I don't think you could do it without getting medical intervention to make it smaller first, since yours is 16 mm.

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From medicine net's website:

"A 4 mm stone has an 80% chance of passage while a 5 mm stone has a 20% chance. Stones larger than 9 mm-10 mm rarely pass without specific treatment."

So, I hope you get to the doctor's and get the help you need!

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