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Help Please !!!

I've been having some pain on my lower back (left side). At first i thought I had Kidney stones so my Primary doctor had me do a CT scan test. The result of the test was negative, no signs of stones, but there was trace of blood on my urine. My doctor had me go to my Urology doctor and again there was signs of trace of blood on 2  visits. Last thursday he had me do the urine test again and found moderate blood, meaning stronger signs of blood, please note that i do not see the blood. I urinate find and does not hurt. But i still feel the un-comfort pain on my back. Just the other day i noticed i peed what seemed to be very small crystals. Almost like light red or light orange kinda. I mangaged to grab one of them and squashed it with my nail and it desolved to like sand. I've been drinking alot of cran berry and water, and latest a herb called chanta piedra which i boil for 10 min and put in fridge and drink like water during the day. Can you please tell me what i have.          
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Could possibly be that the stones were so small that it didnt get picked up on the CT scan. I just had that happen to me about a week ago. I went in for possibly kidney stones (runs in all the females in the family) found blood in my urine, and the ct scan came back normal. The doc just said that maybe the stone was too small to be picked up in the scan. I even felt a very small stone pass through my abdomin...
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Thanks for your reply, maybe you're right I do have a small stone in there. If I do, I still have'nt flushed it out and therefore I still feel that uncomfortable feeling on my back; also I still have blood coming out. My urology doctor is going to perform some kind of procedure with a camara to my bladder to see what's causing this crystals or debri coming out. Also, note I can't be sitting down for a long period of time, I have to get up and move otherwise i feel that pain. It comes and goes, it's very frustrated.
thanks again for that insight.
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