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High calcium level in urine and low red blood cell count

I recently found out, at age 45, that I have osteoporosis and have begun seeing an endocronologist.  All of my blood work came back normal, but my calcium level in a 24 hour urine test showed 366.  He put me on Forteo and hydrochlorothiazide.  4 months later, my calcium level is still high at 353.  He thinks I've stopped taking the hctz, but I haven't missed a dose.  I'd like to talk to him, but he's out on med leave.  He said at my initial visit that I most likely have some sort of kidney defect and I've never properly absorbed calcium.  I've also had a very long history of "anemia" that was never controlled by iron.  It just came and went, whether or not I was taking iron supplements.  My question is, could the two be related and/or if not, what can be done to correct this problem?
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