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How I Brake down Kidney Stones....

How do I Brake down Kidney Stones?
I just joined so I could tell you what I have learned from a lifetime of kidney stones...I am 60 years old and have had kidney operations or lipotripsy (lazier) (shock waves) ( fished them out) you name it if it was a way to treat kidney stones it was done to me since I was 21 years of age...at that time the Dr said I had them since I was about 2 years old because my stone was the size of a Large Peach Seed...The operation in the 70's deformed my kidney and after that they always settled in the bottom of the kidney and all of them would not all come out but believe me some did!....I found that riding in a car or truck with bad Shocks would make me hurt worse as the stone grew in the flesh of the kidney the ruff riding would tare it from the kidney and that is when I would have to go have the Dr remove them from me again  ... to make a long story short...
On April 18, 2006  I was scheduled to have another kidney operation to fish out all my stones again... the largest was a 10...In March of 2006 I went to a NEET DR.  and was treated for allergies to Calcium...and various thing that Kidney Stones are made of as well as I took him some of the stones I had just passed with the method I now use... for some reason I went into a uncontrollable desire for Honey! over the next 4 weeks I ate 5 pounds of honey a week!...I don't know if it had anything to do with what happened or not...at the same time ..I was hurting on my left side or back and had other symptoms of a stone passing so I would drink Apple Cider Vinegar  as strong as my taste would let me ...then drink about 1/2 gallon of water  in the next 30 minutes to a hour...I also used of a Heavy Duty Back Massager in the area where it was the most painful...I bear down on it and make it shake....that broke mine down and I kelp drinking water and following the stone with the massager until I no longer had pain...I also bought a strainer at the Med Supply store and caught them....An Boy Did I Catch Some!...When I went to the Hospital for my operation they prepared me for Surgery took x-rays ect...then parked me outside the operation room door....after awhile my Dr. came to me and said Mrs.  ____ there is a problem  here...your xrays show you don't have any Kidney Stones... just a tiny one embedded in the flesh of your kidney...LOL!....so I ended up not having a Kidney operation!...Now you tell me what you think it was that got rid of a stone the size of a Ten!
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