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I have some kidney stone question


after some weeks of intermittent blood in my urine, a CT scan found a stone in my left kidney. This stone is too big to pass so they'll have to remove it. This stone is located on top of ureter, so just before leaving the kidney.

1- Sometimes the blood is brown, sometime pink/red. Why is the blood colour isn't always the same ?

2- What makes stones moves ? Sometimes I see blood after doing some physical activities (which seems logic) but sometimes I have blood and didn't do any abrupt mouvement.

3- I never had any pain. How a big stone like that, that gives me blood in my urine, don't get me any pain ?


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I think the blood comes from the stone moving around and causing small abrasions to the ureter. With gravity, it usually tries to move "down" but along the way is when we get pain, obstruction, infection, and / or blood -- and with lots of good luck they move out without much disruption.  Be sure the uro removing the stone is comfortable doing so, because so close to the kidney it can pop back into the kidney -- C~
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