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Is this kidney disease?

Hi all,

I have been going to my family doctor for a year now and found that my creatitine levels are slightly elevated. I went again today to have my levels checked but when I asked my doctor about a diagnosis he said there is none because because I'm only slightly abnormal. However, my gastroentrologist is telling me something different. I am including my test results so maybe somebody with similar results or experience can help me beause i'm frustrated and thinking its time to find a new doctor

0.40 - 1.00 mg/dL

7/7/16 -- 0.99 GFR --63
7/27/17 -- 1.16   GFR --53
10/9/17 -- 1.05   GFR --59
1/29/18  -- 1.11  GFR --55

My understanding is a GFR under 60 for more than 6 months is considered kidney disease. Am I wrong? Anybody with experience have any suggestions or ideas for me.

Thank you
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