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Is this kidney stones

Yesterday afternoon, I suddenly developed a pain in my lower left back and side, creeping acound to the front abdomen.  Have no problem urinating, however, the pain is a constant now, with a sharp stabbing pain that comes every couple of minutes.  The pain is so bad that it will take my breath away.  Pain increases tremendously when I get up or down, but then goes back as before when I am in that position for a minute or two.
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So sorry to hear about the pain that you are experiencing.

From the way you ahve described, I feel its a urinary colicky pain, the commnest cause being the presence of stones anywhere in the urinary tract.

Do get yourself investigated thoroughly with your doctors advice( may be ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis along with XRay KUB would suffice). Till then do drink plenty of oral fluids to keep you well hydrated provided you dont have any pre-existing heart or kidney problems.

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