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Is this pain kidney stones or digestive related?

What's wrong with me? Is this kidney stones or kidney related?

Starting in my back...upper middle/middle it's an ache that feels bad...It's hard to describe it. It's not like a stomach ache, or a headache ache.
It feels like it's widespread, at the same time coming from one spot, on both sides of my back.
It gradually gets worse as time goes on, and it moves down slowly. Nothing can relieve this pain, no matter how I sit or stand or anything, it's the same. It's hard to sit still. And once it gets so bad, I can't do anything but sit and wait til it goes away. Once it gets to my lower back, the pain is even worse. And then it starts to feel like a stabbing pain. It gradually can go away, and then in a minute disappears completely.

Wednesday night this pain was very intense and severe. This was probably the worst episode of it yet. It lasted for around 7 hours, and for an hour or so, was very severe. In the past  2 years I've gotten this pain around 15 times or more, sometimes it's not so bad, other times it's bad.
I associate it with eating too much salt during the day and not drinking enough liquids.
I've had an unknown digestive disorder for 4 years now. (Lots of foods make me sick whole grains, dairy, peanut butter, baked goods, sweets and fruit, diarrhea often) Could this be related to it? if it's not kidney stones, could it be digestive pain? and if it is kidney stones/kidney is it possible to not have stones?  or maybe I just have such tiny stones, I don't even realize it? cause it's not like I ever see any. Are they still in me then? It's weird.
When I went to the ER last march, I had been in pain since midnight. I went to the ER around 9 am. And then around noon, the pain went away.  Once the pain was gone was when they took an x ray/cat scan. They told me there was no sign of kidney stones and I didn't have an infection. They then sent me home. They didn't help me at all!
Lastnight I got really scared. I don't know what to do. I feel like even if I went to the doctor again and told them about this, they couldn't do anything for me.
I just would like to get some idea of what this could be. Does anyone know? has anyone experienced something like this?

I've also read that people with digestive disorders could be more prone to developing kidney stones. And that kidney stone pain is very bad. So that is why I thought I had kidney stones.
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could be kidney stones,i had gallstones and had backpain but my pain was also in my chest and stomach area,get a second opinion i went to 3 doctors over 5 years before they figured out i had gallstones and had to have emergency surgery
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I have had over 40 kidney stones and only maybe five or so were big enough to see.... kidney stones, even the kind that are big enough to need surgery, are still very small to the naked eye. It IS possible that you are having stones and a lot of time when I have them I get confused as to whether its actually just a stomach ache. If you were having bigger ones however, you would know without a doubt because you would be in the hopsital pretty sick. You need to either get set up with a urologist who can order cat scans to be done while you are in an attack or go to the ER next time and demand that they do that while you are still in pain. Tests don't do any good once the pain has passed because in the case that its kidney stones, as soon as they pass you feel totally fine.  Good luck!
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You should see a urologist and a nephrologist. I have had 12 kidney stones, some pass at home and arent too painful and others are excruciating and one needed to be surgically removed. back pain towards side may mean kidney is swollen, when stone blocks ureter, it backs up into kidney and swells and sometimes gets infected. CT scans are good for finding stones, regular xrays are too. you must be pushy at ER, they dont know you and dont want to waste resources if dont have to so push the issue when there. i went yesterday and they say i have stone and swollen kidney, sent me home after a pain shot, it didnt even help pain. now i am on own, again, gonna call urologist tuesday and go from there. pain is worse at nite, ive heard this many times and experienced it. be proactive and use internet for ideas on how to prevent stones. i am at a loss right now cause ive tried everything and nothing prevents them but you may be different. good luck, your not alone.
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