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Kidney Pain and lipotripsy

My name is Josh, I had lipotripsy performed on December 6th. It worked I passed the stone on my left side (8mm). However, when I went in for my follow up apointment the urologist ordered a xray which came back clean, no stones, no fragments and no blockage. But I am still feeling a great deal of pain and blood in my urine. He said he couldnt see anything urologicly wrong with me so I had to return to my family doctor. I saw him December 30th 2010 and he ordered a urine test done, which came back postive for blood. So he said I have to go back to see the urologist. Inwhich he in now ordering a ct scan. Im not crazy, nor am I looking for a free ride or for drugs. Im not an addict. I just want to know what the problem is and get it fixed, and it seems to me that the urologist says its not urologic, yet my family doc says it is. I dont know what to do at this point, the pain is affecting my work and how I am able to take care of my daughter. Any suggestions?
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The best suggestion I have is to not give up on it! I have been through similar symptoms although I never did have the lithotripsy. I have passed almost 50 stones in 6 years, the largest three were 5mm. Whether I had a stone or not my kidney would still be hurting a lot. Sometimes I would end up in the emergency room for it and they would basically make me feel crazy. I call them my "phantom" pains. I did not have medical insurance and didn't follow through; six years later I am still having trouble.

I now have amazing insurance and am hooked up with a urologist that is going to do some scans with and without contrast to investigate whether the stones have caused any damage anywhere that could be causing the ongoing pain. I have a few stones right now so I know that may be part of it too. The best thing in the world for kidney pain is heat. I know work, and life in general is so difficult when you are hurting but with thermacare heating pads and ibuprofen I am able to work through it usually. When I'm home I sit against a heating pad (like I am right now) and that helps a ton.

I am sorry for your pain, I understand. Usually blood in the urine indicated either another stone or an infection, so hopefully your situation gets figured out soon. Just try to stay comfortable until then and most of all, do not feel bad or guilty if you are not able to do all of the things you usually do. Pain is exhausting and distracting! Best of luck to you.
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Hematuria (blood in the urine) is almost 100% a urologic issue. Don't let your urologist badger you into thinking it's not. Stand your ground.

I've been dealing with urologists for 20 years now, and they always air on the side of caution, and claim that your problem is not their fault (in my experience anyway).

A lot of urologists will tell you that a certain thing shouldn't hurt, when it really does. Or that a certain procedure shouldn't cause hematuria, when it indeed does. Or that a stone should pass freely and cleanly as it's so small, when in reality it'll hurt like a SOB coming out.

If YOU think and feel that something isn't right, start badgering them and get yourself in for a CT, a KUB and an IVP. That's the full gammit of tests and will give you a lot of information.

You could have a small tear in your bladder or your uretur that may need a stitch or 2, and that's causing the bleed.

Good luck to you.
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Thank you to everyone who has posted. I have learned more than what I knew just before I made my post. I have tried the heat and OTC meds and nothing seems to help relive the pain. I deal with it as best as I can. I have a ct wensday moring with contrast hoping that at least something shows up. But Im not gonna play the you have to go back to this doc game anymore.
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Just make sure they don't use Gadolinium as the contrast agent.

It's tough on the kidneys as it contains metal particles. It's been known to cause more harm that good, so make sure you ask, and if they say that it's going to be used, refuse the test until they obtain an alternate, non-metal-particulate contrast agent.

Good luck. Post back and let me know what they come up with as a diagnosis for the cause of the bleed.

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Well I had the test done.  Didnt read the last post untill after the ct scan was done, but I dont think they used Gadolinium. However, I know have to wait another month before I see the urologist for any kind of answer. And it seems that unless he actually sees something like a small peice of a stone or some kind of blockage that theirs nothing he will do. Its not the fact that im not tough enough to live with this the rest of my life, but I just want to be back to normal and feeling as close to as 100% as I can get.
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