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Kidney Pain

Two weeks ago, I was drank 5 beers and experienced lower-right back pain around the area of my kidneys, this was accompanied by a migraine headache. At the time I did not connect this as cause and effect. Last week, I again drank 5 beers and experienced the same exact symptoms. I began to believe that the alcohol was causing these symptoms. Yesterday, I woke up with my back aching in the same spot, and was dizzy, although I had not been drinking alcohol. By the end of the day, the symptoms had subsided. Today, I again woke up with my back aching. It is the end of my day, and my right kidney is aching still pretty bad. These symptoms have also been accompanied by nauseous, icky feeling every time.

I have been trying to keep well hydrated over the last couple of days.

The only other weird symptoms I have, although I can't imagine if or how they could be related, is that my lymph nodes in the back of my neck seem slightly tender, and after I exercise/shower, I get extremely itchy hands for about 10-15 minutes...

I am worried that I may have kidney disease, or stones, or an infection. There has not been any blood in my urine that I have noticed.

If anyone could help shed light on this, I would appreciate it very much.
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Could be a kidney stone!!! I dont always have blood in my urine and i get them 5-7 times a year with surgery for everyone. It can cause an infection so its best to get them checked out asap because the infection can move quick! Good Luck!!
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get on coputer punch in medline plus and try and find your answer .
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