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Kidney Problem?

I have had an undiagnosed problem for a few years, and am wondering if it's my kidneys.  

I have had frequent urination (10+ times a day) and frequent thirst at night, with the urgency to urinate.  I have had past urinary track infections, which resolved on it's own, and I "think" I have chronic, or at least reoccurring infections.

What really concerns me is if I press down on my flanks and back, where the kidneys are, I can feel a very soreness pain.

I have also gained weight significantly over the past few days, to which appears to be water retention.  Also my blood pressure has risen, especially the diastolic figures - to the point I feel my head is very stuffy.

I have had several physical blood tests, urine tests, and they all came in border line high or low...  For example RBC was 4.7, borderline low.  WBC was 10.3, borderline high .  Should I ask for GFR or Hemoglobin tests?

Please advise if you know the symptoms, and what I should do (or can do) in the mean time?  Any comments highly appreciated!

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I wake up thirsty in the middle of the night.  What could this mean? Anyone?
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i am in exactly the same boat as you un diagnosed recurrent kidney infections its very frustrating and worrying i know. i get the sorness in one kidney and extreme pain on the right sided kidney :( i have lots of protein in urine and leukocytes and blood traces do you have any of those in your urine

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Go to hospital and have a test.
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Had physical tests done.  Not specifically for kidney's.  The blood & urine tests came back normal...  Just a little high on cholesterol.

So I will just have to try to keep the chances of infection down and cut down the cholesterol.  One step at a time.
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Hi Jodie,
I too am having kidney pain - more so on the RHS than the LHS. There are a number of kidney stones in both - but not in or near the utery tract. But, the 'pain' has been with me for 7 months, and have been discharged by my urologist as he seems to think that I have a 'skelital/muscular' condition snown by the MRI scan. Both my doctor and surgeon
have contradicted their view of 'skelital/muscular' pain - because tha spinal area around the kidneys are the best part of my spine!  I am awaiting an appointment for another urologist's second opinion. I have had ALL the xray's, scans and surgical procedures to no avail - only the pain remains. I need to check out my blood pressure medication - one 5mg and the other Lusartan 100 mg - as the web reveals 'side effects - with severe pain on the RHS kidney' - now there is a thought!!  Shipeshape.
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