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Kidney Size

I just had a sonogram for back pain. The result was negative abdominal sonography. My question is are kidneys suppose to be a certain size? Should they both be the same? My right kidney is 10.7x3.8 and my left is 10.3x5.1 cm. My father died of kidney cancer which obviously they didn't see but I am curious if kidneys should be a certain size and if they should be the same size?
If age and size matter : I am female, 41, 5'7" and 135 lbs

Thank you for your time and helping me with my curiosity.

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Hi Erin,

The normal kidney size of an adult human is about 10 to 13 cm long, about 5 to 7.5 cm wide and a thickness of about 3 to 4 cm.. Sometimes, the kidneys are not exactly  the same in size. The left kidney is usually bigger. The kidneys develop at the same rate that the whole body develops, until physical growth stops at about 25-26.The weight of one kidney averages about 120-150 g. Any decrease in size is abnormal.

Take care and regards.
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Our daughter is just back from hospital.  It looks like her Right Kideny is bigger than her Left Kidney.  Is this something to worry about.  She has ha blood in urine for a number of years now - on and off again?

Concerned father.  Ireland
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Why are my kidneys so different in size? Not just a slight difference, but a large one. 41 yr old female, 5'11" 148 lbs slender build.

Left kidney is 4.5 x5.5 x 5cm
Right is 12.5x 5.5x 3cm

Reoccuring pain in the left flank , but family doctor kinda blew it off.

Any opinions?
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