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Kidney Stone Help in TN

My daughter since her pregnancy 5 years ago gets kidney stones and for the last year they are getting more and more frequent and now are about once a month and are getting bigger and unable to pass. She also has major back problems and is in need of (2) back surgeries but cannot get them done because her kidney functions are too low. She is only 25 years old. So she is not able to work and has TennCare for her health insurance. She has a stone right now that is 8.3 mm and too big to pass. Insurance will not pay for a lipotripsy as they say this is not a life threatening event. She has had her urologist with a catheter try to break it up and pull it out several times to no avail. This is not the first time she has went through that. The last several have been the same - catheter try to break up and vaccum out and eventually after about a month it is broken up enough to pass.  Also, due to the problems with Pain pills in the US -especially in TN she cannot get anything for pain and her urologist said with being in pain the urethea contracts and she will never be able to pass it without help. Everytime she goes to the ER they think that is why she is there. She is going through a divorce and lives with me and has a 5 year old son. I just want someone to help her. I know if she gets this one out she will get another - Test have shown she has over 20 stones still in her kidney!! I work full time to support the 3 of us and she is going to school at University of Phoenix to try to get a life started for her and her son eventually. Thank goodness she only has to go to school one day a week. If anyone has any ideas of remedies (even though we have tried several) or some way to get help I would appreciate it. A liprotripsy they said is $7500 and I do not have it. If I did I would pay for it in a heartbeat. I am not really looking for a handout but if someone knows of a doctor that specializes in these that could maybe offer some alternatives I would appreciate it. I have done a lot of reading online so I dont really hold much hope but I would appreciate anything anyone can offer. Thank you  
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Have her drink unconsintrated juices and lemonade excpecially . Also stop her salt intake . What type of stoned are they ? Also look up natural remedies for kidney stones .
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she is doing the lemonade now and juice. They have been made up mostly of pepper and peanut oil so she has quit the pepper and doctor said to stop eating restaurant french fries or any fried food out as they are all with peanut oil. She tried the lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil combination last week. Thank you for your post
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You do not say where in TN you are, but if you are close enough to the Memphis area there are programs through the local hospitals that she can get into that will help pay for her treatment.

Both Baptist and Methodist have programs for kidney patients, and there is also a kidney specialist locally who does treat MS medicare and TN care patients, and knows how to get the help she needs in order to get the treatment.

There may be programs like that in your area as well.
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Thanks for the info. We are in the Nashville area. I have looked online and have not found anything like this but will see if I cant find something else. She has been to 3 different hospitals in the Nashville area with no help so far.
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