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Kidney Stone Question

A little back story - j
I have a 9 yr history of kidney stones. My first 2 (8 & 9 yrs ago)had to be surgically removed and ever since then I have passed each one on my own, although it normally takes me several weeks typically.

About 2.5 weeks ago I started having really bad pain on my back/side, nausea, urinary urgency, along with a few other of my classic kidney stone symptoms. I have been drinking like crazy since then and taking Flomax 1x day. The pain only lasted 2 days and then it went to my normal being "crampy" on my side here and there like I usually have. The urinary urgency has not left. At times it's really bad and other times it's not. I have had a pinching pain down there a few times which with previous kidney stones for me meant it dropped into my bladder and my symptoms were then all gone.

My situation and question is this. I do not have health insurance right now and cannot afford to go to the urologist for self pay ($600 min). If the urinary urgency is so bad at times and I've had that pinching pain a few times, doesn't it sound like the stone is right there at the bladder drop and just stuck and not dropping? I know if it had dropped into the bladder and just hasn't passed then my symptoms would all be gone so I know that's not it. Is it possible that the stone has made it all the way through the ureter but is too big to drop into the bladder? (I think not if it made its way through the ureter.)

Thank you so much for any input or suggestions!
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