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Kidney Stones & Bloating

My husband has a rather large kidney stone that is taking it's time passing. This isn't his first stone he typically has a flare-up every year.  This time he was put on Tamsulosin and hydromorphone.  It's been 48 hrs and although he is urinating (quite heavily) every 15 minutes or so, he has become very bloated and uncomfortable.  His belly is distended and hard to the touch and we aren't sure why.  He is a diabetic-taking metformin and glipizide orally 2x daily.

What would cause his bloating since his urine output is more than normal?
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it could be that the bladder is inflamed and causing the tummy to swell..or a stone thats causing the irritation will cause very frequent urination..he needs to have a pelvic MRI with contrast to see whats going on for a propper diagnosess..and that theres no interior bleeding from the stone..watch colors of stools ifd there black or throwing up a substance like coffy grounds get to ther er asap..a stone this big can cause major infection or bleeding..and if on narcotics for pain can also cause more irritation..
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I'm going to have to disagree here and say get to the ER asap. Hard tissue and that much swelling with a kidney stone over 4mm usually means a blockage. With diabetes that could be deadly. I hope you get him in soon. Good Luck.
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I left something out. Even with one kidney blocked you can still pee, because the other kidney is still functioning.
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