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Kidney Stones Hanging around for over a year?

I have three kidney stones on in my left kidney (4mm, 6mm, 9mm)  they have been there for about a year. Doctor considers them "non obstructive".  I get my next ultra sound in April to see if they got bigger or moved.  However lately I have some symptoms that can be kidney related.  Sometimes I get a bout of nausea - like just a "blah general feeling" last can last up to an hour.  Last month I thought I pulled a muscle in my back but I get a pain on my right side near my tailbone. It comes and goes. I thought it's weird pain on my right side but my stones are on the left (unless a new one formed)  Just had bloodwork done in late July. Only thing out of range was a slightly high LDL - otherwise ok. Can non-obstructive stones give any pain or symptoms?
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Also thought the upset stomach was GERD related. I got an endoscopy done and came back just with mild gastritis
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you should do the renal ultrasound,  sometimes kidney stones do give pain and other symptoms like nause. you can break stones with lithotripsy, or treat renal lithiasis with traditional Chinese medicine. You think it is wired pain on your right side,  that could be the referred pain, or you have ever falled down recently or spend too much time sit on your chair for a long time? Did you ever find blood in your urine?
I do sit at a chair most of the day at work. I thought maybe I pulled a muscle in my lower back from playing baseball but not sure.  The ache is on and off since late July.  Most time if you touch the area that aches there is no pain - most times.  No visible blood in the urine. I had two ultra sounds the last was in April of 2018.  No major difference in the size of the stones but all of them on my right side.
sorry ... the stones are on my left side
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You should do more exercise,  to treat the kidney stones with little size, drinking water will help you to diuresis  and expelling stone, TCM medical expulsive treatment is also a choice for you if you still worried about it.
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