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Kidney Stones??

Yesterday I woke up with a terrible pain on the right side of my vagina and I assume its a stone trying to pass through my uretha, but I am not sure. Its been 24 hours now and the pain is still there and along with that pain I now have pain on my right side towards the middle of my side.....
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Hi. I have had stones for over 30 years and only over the past 5 years had the symptoms you describe. Is the stone exiting the right kidney? <<<<"along with the pain I now have on my right side" = FLANK PAIN. Please google it and see if it matches up to the pain on the side. Is this your first stone? You need to do 24 hour urines and have the stone analyized, VERY important. DRINK DRINK DRINK ALL THE WATER YOU POSSIBLY CAN FORCE IT. Believe it or not if you can stand on your head, this will help the stone exit greatly! I promise it will. You need to be seen by a doc. right away. Most times after we pass a stone we will get an infection. The worst part being as the bacteria slowly destroys your kidneys you may not even feel or be aware of it. There is a great site for stone suffers
cystinuria forum.com
you do not have to have cystinuria to join. There is a GREAT doc. from NY on there who will answer any questions you may have. His name is David Goldfarb. Feel well soon and I hope to see you at the forum soon. Cara
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Well it was wierd because I had the pain for two days and then it went away yesterday in the morning and then last nite I felt pressure where my right ovarie is and then the pain was so bad on the right side that it woke me up out of my sleep. Now I am siting here deciding weather to go to the hospital because it is so painful.....
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Well kidney stone pain can come and go as the stone moves. Your best bet is to get the appropriate medical care. I wish you well and keep me posted. Cara :)
PS when you say the "right side" where is the pain located exactly?
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Well the pain starts down by the groin on the right side and goes all the way up to the rib cage (just certain spots) a few times I have felt it in my back...they said I have a slight UTI now and gave me medications for it....but I dont want to take anymore antibiotics they also gave me pain meds for the stone which I dont want to take either.
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Oh based on that last post it is the stone giving you the problem. You need a X-Ray of some sort please. TC Cara
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They gave me an xray already...and they saw the calcium spot on there...but they said it was not to big....but Im also hyper sensitive so even though it is a small one I can still feel pain and like I said it goes down to the right side of my vagina....
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the size of the stone has no relavance... a stone is a stone, even a stone the size of a grain of salt can cause these symptoms sounds like your passind the stone. Are you drinkin lots of water??? Again I am assuming the calcium deposit they saw was the right kidney??? Cara
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