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Kidney Stones

Is it safe to take calcium supplements when you have kidney stones?
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It depends on what type of kidney stones you have... if you have stones that are a calcium based mixture (calcuim-oxalate for instance) then you should never take a calcium supplement. You would want to increase calcium in your diet through dairy products, etc. but calcium supplements are a definite no-no as they don't break down in your system the way the calcium in food does.

If you have any other type of stone such as uric or struvite, etc. then it might not be as important to stay away from calcium supplements, however, I personally think if you are prone to stones you should stay away from ANYTHING that could cause you to make one!
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Thank you for your reply. I just learned through a cat- scan that I had nonobstructing stones in my right kidney.  They are small stones 1-3 mm in size. I am pretty sure they are cause by dehydration. I know I don't drink enough through out the day, sometimes I won't urinated for hrs. The cat-scan also showed that I have mild mutilevel degenerative changes in my spine. This is why I am considering taking calcium supplements.  Once again, Thank you for your reply.
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