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Kidney Stones

I am having a constant mild pain in my both sides of the abdomen (more on right side) from last 10 days, which spreads to the lower mid part of abdomen too. It becomes more during I travel and feel jerks and when I do a motion that puts presuure on these parts including taking a side while slepping. This is usually lower while I sleep and increases as the day progresses, but always there. Also, my stomach seems blotted up, as if something heavy is there inside and the pain is like which happens when we have done heavy exercises and muscles pain to get relaxed, pinching sometimes but never untolerable. Also sometimes I feel it similar to what I face during mensural cycles.
I consulted a GYN and then a Urologist and a ultrasound which tells I have few small size (4mm and 6mm ) stones in my kidneys. My urine reports were normal, and they told they have not caused any infection.
I am drinking about 7 litres water since last 3 days and some other fluids.
However, the pain never vanishes and never becomes very sharp but continues troubling me always.
I donot trust that this pain can be of stones as usually what I have heard and read is that stones causes too severe pains that are intermittent.

Please suggest which other tests I should take and what this could be..can this be a gastric problem.
Any idea would be helpful.

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Lower abdominal pain can be caused by a lot of things.The most common causes are a urinary disorder such as a bladder or kidney problem, a bowel problem or a condition involving the reproductive system - the uterus, Fallopian tubes and ovaries.
Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) can be a cause apart from kidney stones.
Conditions of the reproductive organs giving rise to pain include endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, fibroids.
If you hav ealready consulted a Gynaecologist and any abnormality is ruled out, then it most probably is due to the kidney stones.
You can take the medications that have been prescribed for the pain.
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