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Kidney Stones

I have a male friend who's been dealin w/ kidney stones for about a year quite now.  He's on medi-cal in CA & he's not gettin anywhere w/ doctor's.  He's been waitin for 1 mo. now for a referral to see a specialist & in the mean time his symptoms seems to be gettin more serious.  He's continuin to lose weight, fevers, chills, dizziness, severe pain, there's a smell when he urinates at times, cloudy urine (reddish), stones are not passin as he feels the stones in his penis.  He's been on antibotics two different times & still no results that he can tell.    What should he do in the mean time 'til he can see the specialist?  Thk u.
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Your friend will need to have a urinalysis done to identify what exactly the current problem is with his kidneys. It would be great if he could also have a blood test for kidney function parameters and post the results here addressed to me in the title tag or in this same thread.

An accurate diagnosis is only possible based on detailed examination, including history and physical signs and symptoms.

From the symptoms you have mentioned, he seems to be having a serious kidney infection which may have been caused or aggravated by obstruction due to the kidney stones. Reddish and cloudy urine indicates that there is hemorrhage somewhere along the urinary tract, if not from the kidney itself, and this can be accompanied by pus cells in the urine.

If any bacteria are detected in his urine, he will need to be treated after a culture sensitivity to determine which antibiotics the bacteria are susceptible to. This may be a requirement because he has already had two courses of antibiotics without much progress. If his kidney function parameters are deranged to the extent that is serious, he will need to be admitted and treated on an emergency basis.

Ensure that he keeps fluid intake over 2000 ml per day, avoids caffeine and alcohol, and indulges in moderate physical exertion only.

Do keep us posted.
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Thk u so much for your response.  I live in FL & I will be leavin for California this wkend so I can get him medical attention as he doesn't have any support system & can not drive himself.  I will keep u posted.

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