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Kidney Stones

I just recently passed a kidney stone from my left kidney.  I do have kidney stones in my right kidney as well.  My Dr. told me that they are in the "Meaty" part of the kidney and they won't travel through the tubes.  However, there is still slight pain in my right side.

What can I do?  Will this meaty area stone pass naturally?
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if the stones are thare adventualy they will give you problems.  alot of doctors wont touch them unless your in pain or they are to large to pass.   if the stones are not moving they can get bigger over time. and in some rare cases they can disolve and be reabsorbed by the kidney.   diet plays large role in that.   if thare is pain the stone could be causing irritation. in some cases hydrnephosis can occur. wich can cause pain.  i had two very lage stones in my right kidney. and it caused the top of my kidney to swell from blokage.   they did a lithotripsy  and ive ben disabled ever sinse   the lithotripsy damaged the renin producing glands near the kidney.  they say a litho tripsy is perfectly safe.  but its not.  if you choose to take care of these stones manualy i recomend you do the telescope method. its a littel more invasive but  its not as hard on your body.  and using this method they can look at the inside of the kidney to see if the stones have caused any damage.   if yor not familiar the telescope is used like a cathater.  they knock you out and insert it  and grab the stone crush it if needed and and pull it out.  its the best way im my opinion.   the sone will not pass naturaly its bigger than 11cm i think im not sure the exact numbers but.  usualy they wont pass if they have the oportunity to stick around they will usualy increse in size and manual removing is nessesary.   but my second stone was over 2 cm. and in 3 months it got reabsorbed by the kidney.  a good vinergar tonic can help this proscess so to the amino acids.  good luck!
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