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Kidney Stones??

Hello! I am 23 yo female and I have always had Kidney problems/bladder problems. I can not count how mnay UTI's and Kidney infections I have had. The past four weeks I have had a really bad pain in my kidneys, I sleep like 15 hours a day, and I have no appetite. I have also lost 10 pds in about 4 weeks. I went to the doctor today and she said it was kidney stones but I need to go see a Urologist. Last time I have kidney stones I was in worse pain then when I was in labor and ended up in the hospital. Well I can not get in for a few more weeks. Do you think it is kidney stones or something serious? There was blood and protein in my urine but no sign of infection. She also did not give me meds for the pain she does not believe in narcotics. I was pretty upset about that because I have tried every aspirin and it does not help but she told me to keep trying.
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Hi Amber,

I can certainly sympathize with what you are going through.  

Is the urologist in like a group of doctors?  Sometimes they will have someone who can see you sooner.  Have you called the office and expressed what you are going through?

Certainly, if it is a stone, it can get lodged in the ureter and cause hydronephrosis.  The protein could indicate a breakdown in the kidney it's self.  

I would encourage you to see if another dr. could see you sooner.  Not that you could die over this, but it can become quite painful.  A friend of mine (who is an ER nurse) said when her husband had a kidney stone, he drank cranberry juice and it helped him pass it.  Your regular dr. could also order a CT, US or KUB to see if they could determine what exactly is going on so the urologist would know what is going on.  It doesn't hurt to ask if he/she could order some test other than a urinalysis.

Keep me posted
Praying for you, Kara
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