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Kidney Transplant and creatine level

I am a 46 year old kidney transplanted patient. I received my new kidney three years ago from a living donor (my younger brother). My creatine level was stable after transplant at 0.9 for almost two years. I then got sick with e-coli and was treated. After getting a biopsy, it was found that I have Necrosis "within" my new kidney. Mayo doctors seem baffled by this (how this could have occured).  My creatine level slowly increased over a period of six months at which time my Doctor changed my Prograf to Rapamune. My creatine level has maintained at 2.0 for the last six months or so. I am very concerned about this number. Will it ever go back down? I heard from a friend of mine that I should take human growth hormones (hgh) to improve my kidney functions. I have not spoken to my neuphrologist regarding this as of yet, however I  have made an appointment with a sports medicine physican to discuss -hgh- as a possible aide to getting better. I feel terrific, other than my (entire) left side body edema. Yes, I have told my Doctor about it. I have avoided salts, tried 2.5 mg of Lasix and I am still swollen, nor I do not take any prednisone... that might cause swelling. How can I improve my kidney function and reduce the creatine level? Many Thanks.
Warm Regards, Diana~  
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